Where does Pine Bluff Materials’ sand come from?

Pine Bluff Materials sources our sand from the Ohio River, near the confluence of the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. The sand has traveled hundreds of miles over thousands of years before we ever see it, as the deposits formed during a series of glacial periods in prehistoric times.


Continental glaciers formed in Canada and moved massive amounts of rock (like a bulldozer) during their southward expansion. When the glaciers began to recede, they would form huge lakes behind the glacier’s outer wall. Once the ice dam ruptured all that water would flood towards the nearest river valley, in our case, the Ohio River valley.

The glacial flooding moved rocks of every size, from fine-grained silt all the way to 5-ton boulders. The glaciation process occurred in North America multiple times during recent prehistory, and played a pivotal part in creating the Ohio River sand deposits where we operate today.

Pine Bluff Materials has operations and distribution yards in Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and Northern Alabama, and our sand meets the Department of Transportation specifications in these states, as well as Illinois.

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